The Law Offices of Ethan D. Baker provides a full service civil litigation department with a dedicated support team.  We have proven success in cases, whether representing Plaintiffs or Defendants, whether large or small, whether before a Jury or before a Judge.  We will represent you State Court, Federal Court, Private Arbitration, and tribunals.

There are few things more stressful in life than either being served with a lawsuit against you or your business or being wronged by another party requiring the filing of a civil suit to either preserve your rights or recover damages you have suffered.  Our firm is here for you to provide solid advice and counsel, and to use our knowledge and skills to navigate the complex civil litigation system in our courts on your behalf.

Our firm has had many successes over the years, achieving settlements, verdicts and dismissals.  We believe in maintaining the utmost professionalism throughout the litigation process and pride ourselves on fighting hard, but clean, for our clients.  Many lawyers have diminished the legal profession by chasing ambulances and using the court system for improper purposes.  Our philosophy and practice is to only accept cases we believe to be meritorious and where we can make a difference for our clients. As such, we do not take every case that comes through our door.  We believe such a practice is best for the court system, best for the legal profession as a whole, and most importantly, best for you, as our client.

Please contact us today for a quick and free consultation regarding your civil litigation needs.

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